David's Web Site

"Expression is the need of my soul."

Archy the cockroach ("Archy and Mehitabel" by Don Marquis, circa 1916) said that.  Archy was a wise cockroach.  And what was true for that cockroach is no less true for this bi-pedal cockroach.

So, this is a "vanity site."  Here I am, warts and all.  There will be little (sigh!!) eye-candy; not because I am ignorant that a Web site lives or dies on its eye-candy, just that my creativity (such as it is) lives in the world of ideas, which are expressed in words.  Over time, I hope to change this.  With a little help from my friends!

The guiding metaphor in all my thinking is the Buddhist parable of the blind men and the elephant.  This parable asserts that there are many ways to see something, one no more true than another, none "complete."  The idea that there are multiple truths is called "perspective."  Perspective asserts that there are many ways to understand something, and you need not war over your apparent disagreements.  One sees RED, another HEAVY, a third COARSE, a fourth COLD, a fifth AGITATED, a sixth LARGE.  Do you see that one thing can be RED, HEAVY, COARSE, COLD, AGITATED and LARGE, all at the same time?  Of course you can, as each word references different attributes of an object, not different values for the same attribute.  Can you not see that Republicans and Democrats see the same thing from different starting points, from different perspectives?  Well, not entirely <sigh>.

There are more than a few ways to see ME!  The first few are the most obvious.

For my impatient friends & family, here's My New Home!

There's the personal me.  Who I Am and What I Want and Who I'd Like to DO It With

There's the thoughtful me.  This is the REAL reason I am creating this site.  What I Believe.  Political stuff, GAIAn stuff.

There's the professional me.  What I Do.  A Work Journal.

There's the Educator in me.  What I know.  So far, Palm Tips, an Intraday Trading Presentation, PC Writings, Singles' Advice (sic) and some Cosmic Musings.  And some stuff from other folks whom I admire.

Then there's the databases I'm working on.  For the moment, they're free for the taking.  But you'll need Access 2000 at least, to view or use them.

In closing (hey, don't follow the links and I haven't made you waste your time!   ...  You're welcome!), let me leave you with this thought.  Think about what it means to be human, how lucky your DNA is; and what it means to be alive and conscious, now; and how can the world be a better place for your passing through it; and what can you do to ensure its health and its species diversity, for your grandkids if you (will) have them, or for everyone else's.  Or just because complex life on this planet is SO fragile, and needs to be watched after by every sentient and conscious human (until we at least stop doing careless and routine harm).  If it's not YOUR job, whose is it, to guarantee Life on Earth a future?

For the Earth!  For my grandchildren!  For yours!