The young gazelle who is less alert to a rustling in the grass, who runs less swiftly than his brethren, who is more sickly, whose mother allows him to roam at the edge of the herd, all of these are prey to Leo, king of the beasts.  They are killed before they parent children.  This is Natural Selection, Evolution.

The hardier male deer, the stronger and faster, the more courageous, this is Bambi who will win the right to sire children.   This is Natural Selection, Evolution.

Whatever she sees in him that makes her choose him, this is Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Evolution.

Is it harder to imagine that humankind evolved slowly from hairy grunting bi-peds over tens of thousands of years than it is to imagine that God planted us ready-made in the midst of evolved animal creation or that He began it all six thousand years ago, more recently than the fossil record shows evidence of art, agriculture and pottery making?  The natural evolution of Mankind from other species is called the Descent of Man.

We are all the products of parents who were NOT eaten by predators before they mated, who did NOT lose the struggle for a mate, who were chosen by a female (or who raped a female).  None of our parents were dead-ended in all the aeons of biological evolution.  They all succeeded, not one was a failure!  Failures did not reproduce, they had no children.  This much is obvious to anyone.  The name of this natural process is Darwinian Evolution.  What is here so hard to believe?  Indeed, most everyone who argues against Evolution does not understand what it means, the simplicity and obviousness of it all.