Another GAIAn Essay

I am NOT a violent man by nature. I have been in one fight, to my recollection and that in grade school. I was pinned to the ground quickly and it was over. I have been mugged twice, senselessly, without provocation. But I have never been hurt nor have I ever hurt anyone, physically anyhow.

I am against capital punishment, too, because the convicted person may not have done the deed, because it proves nothing but that the state may be as violent as the perpetrator, but mostly because I hate the idea of giving the state the power of life and death -- it seems to me to be inconsistent with the ideal of political liberty.

I am not a violent man but...

I have said, on more than one occasion, "woe betide the man who fucks with my children" (I have two, they are grown up, but that changes nothing). He will wish he had never been born before he wishes that I terminate his pathetic life. This is, of course, hypothetical posturing, but I mean for you to understand where I come from. I am not a violent man but I am NOT a pacifist and don't push me to the edge for I will take appropriate action; and I will not ask for mercy from those who might judge me.

I understand how a man might steal an apple if he is hungry. I may not condone theft but I would be reluctant to punish this thief for his action. I understand, too, the need for ever more wealth of an already wealthy, powerful man. I understand it but could I I would crush it without pity. When a social system, no matter it be called "free," allows some to starve while it allows others to aggregate wealth thousands, tens of thousands, nay millions of times beyond need is a system in need of repair.

I believe, I suspect with most Gaians, that the biggest threat to Gaian viability are corporate actions taken for corporate and individual profit. I believe, perhaps differently from many "religious Gaians," that some corporate actions taken against Gaia are deliberate acts of war and murder committed against people, animals, trees and our entire eco-system. I believe that these acts for profit will continue to be committed until those responsible for these actions are shown (by our ACTS of outrage, not our mere WORDS of moral disapproval) that we regard them as murderers of our children and are altogether willing to punish them appropriately, as we would act toward the proven killer of our young chldren.

Are you willing to wait until it is your child and then scream powerlessly that there oughta be a law! The lawmakers, the politicians we elect to office, are in league with these murderers. They see profit and they see inconvenience, not murder, on the other side. Why? Because the victims are not acting as though it is their very lives that are at stake. So, our very non-violence is added provocation.

True, Gaia does not need humanity to "get it." Gaia will outlive us all, regardless we choose to continue our slide into hell. But while we slide, we take a lot of life with us that wasn't asked if it wanted to go along for the ride. It is not violence that makes man a threat to life on Gaia, it is laziness and stupidity that threatens us all. And, perhaps, our too goodness.