My Affaire with Bread


I love bread.  But they don't know how to make bread down here.  I guess all the talent stays in the Olde Countrie or moves to New York, where the money is better as is the love of good food.  So I'm making my own bread!

Herewith my photographic Progress Report.

Keep coming back here and I'll keep y'all pain de compagne lovers uptadate.

Multi-Grain Recipe    
January 23rd, 2005  
January 12th  
January 9th, 2nd batch  
January 9th, 1st batch
January 6th, 2005


December 30th, 2004
December 28th
December 25th  
December 24th
December 21st
December 11th  

This photo belongs to December 8th, above.

December 9th
December 8th
December 3rd
November 27th  
November 25th    
November 23rd
November 19th
November 18th  
November 14th  

The loaves that follow (see above!) are mostly my "easy ciabatta" recipe.  Ciabatta calls for a "starter" of 12 - 48 hours.  Easy ciabatta dispenses with such niceties.

Ciabatta uses a wetter dough than a plain loaf.  It ends up more holy (!), less dense.

My lighter (whiter, but not as white as commercial white "bread") loaves are made with unbleached white flour; my darker loaves are made with 70% unbleached white flour and 15% rye and 15% whole wheat flour.  No machine is used in the preparation of my breads; mixing and kneading is done with love, back, arms, shoulders and a wooden spoon.  What I have going for me is time and a strong desire to make bread that is better than the "bakery bread" I can buy in the local markets (I have already exceeded that high standard!).  In NYC, I could get great bread locally.  Not here.  You gotta miss it to miss it!

I figure mid-2005 before I make really good bread, bakery standards.  If I achieve that at all.

November 9th
November 6th  
November 1st  
October 28th  
October 26th
October 21st
Dry Pasta from Whole Foods

Beautiful, yes?

October 18th Best Tasting Loaf To Date
October 13th
October 10th  
October 7th    
October 2nd
September 28th
September 23rd
September 12th
September 7th
September 1st
"French Bread", LA style (for comparison)    
August 27th (ciabatta)
Whole Foods' Bread Flours (yumm!)  
August 22nd (ciabatta)
August 11th
August 7th
July 31st
July 25th

Too good to take pictures of...  Sorry


July 11th
July 8th
June 18th
June 1st  
May 28th

May 8th