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Those of you who know why I moved know why I moved, unless of course you just never believed what I told you.  Those of you who don't know will just have to suffer the ignorance, or bribe me in coin that I'll accept.

What New Yorker would choose to go anywhere else?  Well, someone who likes variety would.  Someone who tires of over-stimulation and bright-lights and no night sky or horizon might.  Someone who can't find work might.  To be honest I should have left long ago, as New York and I weren't in sync, not for a while.  It had lost much of its charm.  Besides my daughter and a few good friends, the only thing I'd really miss was the American Museum of Natural History / Rose Center for Earth and Space, where I volunteered and considered my home away from home..

I chose New Orleans because: it was Southern (read: warmer), the people didn't speak Southern, it's loose and Easy, and my father's fathers all hail from here, back to Noah's flood.  Figgered I'd do a Roots.

The hardest part of moving is moving.  Funneling everything into: a) I gotta take it with me, b) I want to save it but not bring it, c) I can sell it, d) I know someone who'd appreciate it, e) it makes an excellent charitable donation, or f) it's just plain trash.   What I didn't sell (I did sell 3 boxes of books, lotsa kitchen stuff, a bed frame), give to the Salvation Army (more'n ten BIG brown trash bags of wearable clothes) or to a friend (lotsa clothes), or find a temporary home with my nephews (a dozen boxes of books, CD's, DVD's and tapes), I FedExed (18  boxes) to my new adddress.  It was infinitely cheaper than movers and, unlike UPS, they deliver when you're there.  And I found a place just in time to catch the important tail end of the Mardi Gras season.  I went by bus because I could buy a ticket last minute, it was cheaper, terrorists wouldn't hit it, it wouldn't fall out of the sky and I could catch the flavor of America on my new digital camera on my voyage down.  Well, no America by Bus photos,  I only took a photo of the cute young Born-Again Christian girl I rode half-way with.  She was traveling to meet her newly Born-Again betrothed's folks.  And no, we did not discuss religion.


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