New Home Again


Judging by the dates I took the photos in this section, I was completely moved in and settled by February 22nd, roughly two weeks after I arrived.  I intend to keep it livable by foregoing the pleasures of buying stuff (not that I have such a luxury) I really don't need.  When I use the living area as a bedroom, it is a pretty spacious bedroom; when I use it as a living room or a den, it is a pretty spacious living room or den.  The kitchen is quite large (and clean) enough for ME.  And the closets are wonderful.  The one inside my bathroom area, that contains a boiler by the way, may be 8' x 9'.  And three sides are finished with racks that serve to hang hangars on and to store boxes and linen above.  Still leaving more than 70 square feet of floor.  Walk-in closet?  Hell, it's a live-in closet!  All I need is a high-speed Internet connection and someone to cook my meals (and make my bed (hey, I'm just playin')) and I'd be set.  Send money for the first and an application for the others.





Entertainment Center

Work Den


Bathroom Closet

Bathroom Closet Dresser

Bathroom Closet Dresser Detail

Den Desk

Den Desk Detail

Desktop - my Work Space






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