My Trip North, April 2005


My step-mother Wilma died on April 20th.  She was 92.  My father made it to 92 too.  Fourteen years ago.

We will miss Wilma, each in his own fashion.


April 21st
on my way, NOLA --> Philadelphia

Check out NOLA's guardian angel!


on a JetBlue wing and a prayer



in-flight (dynamic) MapQuest



April 23rd, Philadelphia
??? park





April 24th, Philadelphia

My brother Harry







April 25th, New York City
Caryl / Groucho
or is it
Groucho / Caryl?

Caryl's ImpossiCat, Furbish



Caryl, Doodles & Furbish
Catz DO love strings!



April 26th, New York City, Central Park
My daughter, Sharan
and her canine friend Balto
American Museum of Natural History
Evolution: The Process


What Does It Mean to be Human?