My Trip North, May 2005


My daughter, Sharan, graduated Fordham Law School on Sunday May 22nd.  Sharan Rachel Abraham, J.D.  Proud Dad!  I think I was more pleased than she was (at her achievement, not her being finished with it!).

Now she's preparing for her Bar Exam in late July.  I helped her drag her (11?) study books back to her apartment (what are dads for?), all 47 pounds of them, estimated pages 4000+.  No pictures.  Poor kid!  She is totally confident she'll pass the Bar, no problemo.  Me too; but as the parent, I'll worry nonetheless!

Thanks once again to Caryl & Mari for putting me up and ...

And to those whom I didn't get to see (everyone!), I'm so sorry, maybe next time.


May 21, New York
Caryl's Cat Doodles


May 22nd, New York










New Yalk New Yalk



May 23rd, New York
The Day After
Outside Dave's show





Still The Day After
How to make a daughter happy: take her to Rockefeller Center Cafe



May 24th, New York
Taking the
Air Train