Starting Over


It ain't easy, starting over, 'specially when you "have to" and you're the kinda person who has never done anything because he had to. Ah, the troubles I've seen 'cause of my pig-headedness, not that I'd have it any other way. I am an interesting man and I've led an interesting life, even if it's not the one I'd have chosen!

Actually I'm pretty lucky. I am 63 and in excellent shape. I'm in good physical shape, notwithstanding heart disease, osteoporosis, glaucoma, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), frequent athlete's foots, unpredictable hay fever and a mild case of self-diagnosed arthritis. I walk 4 - 6 miles a day because I have to (can't afford a car and haven't bought a bike yet (haven't seen anyone down here riding one!)) and I'm in good spirits when it's not raining. My house is in order, I go to sleep at a more reasonable hour than I am used to, I bathe and shower regularly, savor Dove dark chocolate when I'm so moved, brush my teeth with gusto, and wake up unalarmed at about 7:00 am, nearly jumping out of bed, except when I have reason not to.

I live in an apartment complex that reminds me of a motel (Psycho's Norman Bates' motel?). It's sort of a low-end motel but the living quarters are nicer than the outward appearance would suggest (see below). I live in the city of Metairie, an "up-scale" (hah!) suburb of New Orleans. Metairie is in Jefferson Parish (county to you Northerners), closely adjoining Orleans Parish, home to New Orleans proper (hmm..).  I am 100 or so feet from a Discount Zone, a convenience store on the model of a 7-11. What a break. The next sign of modern commerce (shopping) is a major highway, Veterans Memorial Blvd, over a bridge over a major thoroughfare (I-10) about a mile's walk away. See the maps.

Well, you might ask (you might not but that's my tale) why I am living in New Orleans, or to be more exact Metairie, in a motel a mile and a half walk from Barnes & Noble and CC's, a coffee shoppe which serves wireless Internet?  It's a long story.  And I will not tell it in this medium.

Nonetheless, here are some things that you may find interesting.

* My Move

02/02 - 02/09/2004


* New Orleans in the Scheme of Things  



* New Home in Metairie  

02/10 - 02/24/2004


* Metairie



* Mardi Gras in New Orleans  

02/19 - 02/23/2004


* New Home Again  



* Mardi Gras in Metairie  



* Mardi Gras Indians  



* Jazz Fest  


* Utopia 09/11/2004  
* Vacation 09/14 - 09/21/2004  

* USC Football Championship Game


* My Trip North #1, Alex's Bat Mitzvah

03/05 - 03/20/2005

* My Trip North #2, Wilma's Passing

04/21 - 04/27/2005  

* My Trip North #3, Sharan's Law School Graduation

05/19 - 05/24/2005  
* Thanksgiving Day at Lisa Taylor's 11/24/2005  
* Thunderstorm 02/02/2006  

as of 03/01/2005

* Clouds & Other Outdoor Sights

05/19 - 01/12/2005


* Bread-Making  

05/08 - 01/23/2005

* Kitchen   new
* Bridge (& Poker) 08/01 - 09/03/2005  
* Miscellaneous 11/02 -  
* Weather 10/25 - 03/29/2005 new
* Katrina 08/28 - 08/31/2005 new


I used to email worthy jokes and stuff to several groups of folks in my Address Book.  Most everyone was in one group or another.  Some were annoyed that I included them, others that I didn't.  Herewith, the perfect solution.  I will continue to honor worthy (and maybe a few very UNworthy) contributions to this pool of humor (?) by posting them on my web-site, here, ...

Good (???) Forwarded Stuff                      05/08 - 02/05/2005

No more annoying forwarded email from ME!

The "Recession" of George Bush II            09/17 - 12/10/2004


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