Thanksgiving at Lisa's


The woman I befriended at the Landmark Hotel during hurricane Katrina, Lisa Taylor, who was so gracious and friendly to me in my hour of "need", has continued to go out of her way to be an angel.  Here I was, a Northerner out of my element during the holiday season of 2005, so what did she do?  She included me in her family Thanksgiving get together.  She has a LARGE family.  Here are some photos.  And one precious movie clip (of two "grown-ups").



Haley & Kaleb

One too many drinks for Kaleb

A million dollar smile from Kaleb

Haley day-dreaming

Cameron, Lisa's God-child

Lori & Gina

Gigi & Samantha

Gina & Lisa

Lori being shy

Gina, Mike, Samantha & Kayla



Andrea & Sarah

Mike, Gina, Patricia & Samantha

The Plaisance Girls:

Lisa, Tina, Gina, Leah,

Kara & Dawn

(and Landon & Triston)

But not all photos are still!!