I visited Utopia on September 11th.  OK, OK, if you wanna make somethin' outta this, be my guest!  But if you come up with anything interesting, do let me know, OK?

I decided that I needed a Metairie break, so I bussed into New Orleans for a day; the day happened to be the third anniversary of the event that is responsible for 97% of our asshole President's popularity.

Utopia is the name of a bar cum music on Bourbon Street.  What drew me there was the music they were playing, easily heard from the street.  Great Rock 'n Roll.  Yeah, when in New Orleans, get jazz!  Rock 'n Roll with a jazzy flavor!

Herewith some photos.

The Damon King Band



A Man and his new Love (he wishes!)



Movies (QuickTime)

Utopia, Damon King Band

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Movies (QuickTime)

Utopia, Dancing Girls

A- (7.8 MB)

(sideways)     (if you can figure out

how to rotate a movie, lemme know)

C+ (2.6 MB)



Movies (QuickTime)

Utopia, Dancing Guys and Dolls


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C (1.3 MB)

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