OK, so the biggest problem we have facing us is stopping our assault on the health and safety of the planet, the life forms living on it, not the least the life form we call human. As everywhere we humans seem inexorably to be moving in the direction of individual freedom, that is, as all-powerful dictators cannot save us from ourselves, because we have stripped away their power, it seems logical that the only force that can save us is, ourselves. In a free society, a people gets the government it deserves; or, the people is the government. It would seem proper here to counter the notion that you can't fight City Hall with the notion that, in all cases of human and animal history, who became the governors were those who didn't feel powerless. That is, our political leaders are and always have been those who said to themselves, "I will become City Hall." (move this up a level)

Yes, I know, an educated German people brought us the Holocaust. So, perhaps their kind of education -- the purpose of their educating -- was flawed. Anyway, I can't think of any other solution to the unimaginable problems of a free world other than universal literacy, where the purpose is for everyone to be able to participate fully in solving the problem of creating a brave new world.

I am not suggesting that an educated citizenry, alone, will save us. I am suggesting that without it we are doomed, for it will always be in the interests of our

The purpose of a universal education is to enable us (America and the world) to thrive and prosper.



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