I Want A Girl...


One of the biggest issues in my life today is that I lack a girl-friend / lover / soul-mate / wife. I want that changed. But not so much that I am willing to settle. And I seem to have high standards. So, herewith, some essays that I had hanging around the attic.

Personal Ad (well, this is who I think I am, in the style of a personal ad)

My Ideal Woman (my dream-girl, my fantasy)

Puh-leeese, keep in mind that the words above were written long ago, not that they don't convey what I want in a woman, but they ask for a woman in her thirties and forties, f'r Gods sake!  So what age woman am I looking for?  Honest answer: age has nothing to do with it.  If you appeal to my middle chakras (you know, the LUST centers), I can be interested.  I may no longer want a young beauty, but I still want a sexy beauty.

So, here's the real deal: The one that got away, the one "love of my life," so far, was a sensational woman. She had everything: class, personality, beauty, sexiness, smarts and we made wonderful love together. And she knew how to make me feel like a prince! And how the world envied us was palpable. In a word, she spoiled me. I want what I once had, and I won't settle for less.  Why are we apart? Why did she drop me? Because I didn't know her value until she decided to let me go. A man of a certain type needs to have his heart broken to wake up.  I'm a lot bruised, but smarter now.

As all the above writings are nearly historical, here's something I wrote now.  What Else Can I Say?

OK, now that you've arrived here, if I haven't frightened you off, if you are, or may be, interested, and have reason to believe you are up to it, write me.