What Engages Me

Physical Activities
How I like to work off energy most (the obvious excepted) is walking. Manhattan is a wonderful place to walk, particularly for someone who likes to interrupt his train of thought as much as I do. Harry Truman used to call his early morning walks constitutionals, because they were good for his constitution I imagine. I love to dance, particularly when there is seduction in it. I am envious of wonderful ballroom, especially swing, dancers. I like aerobics because it mimics dancing. I am learning tennis; so far, I love it
Thoughtful Activities
The non-energetic activity I love most in the world is talking and listening, being in conversation, in groups more than one-on-one. I love to teach and I need feedback. What I love nearly as much is reading. What I am working on loving as much is writing. I often like to go on-line and just explore.
The things I am most interested in, in addition to great writing and great words, what truly engages me, can be found in the following list.
Areas of Interest
Gender Differences
Evolutionary Sciences
Singles Stuff (you know, boys and girls, dating)
Outer Space & Cosmology
PC's & the Internet
Spirituality / Psychology / Mythology
Current Movies