David's Web Site

"Expression is the need of my soul."

Archy the cockroach ("Archy and Mehitabel" by Don Marquis, circa 1916) said that.  Archy was a wise cockroach.  And what was true for that cockroach is no less true for this cockroach.

This is a "vanity site."  Here I am, warts and all.  There will be little (sigh!!) eye-candy; not because I am ignorant that a Web site lives or dies on its eye-candy, just that my creativity (such as it is) lives in the world of ideas, which is expressed in words.  Over time, I hope to change this.  With a little help from my friends!


One of the salient facts of my life (today, as I write) is that "I have no one."  It's hard finding the right person to share a life with (in case you haven't arrived there yet).  So, I herewith present a few words (and a few pikz and sounz) for the edification of any woman who is looking for her right man.  So, this is Who I Am.

For everyone else, why I really created this site is to say What I Believe, to whoever will listen.

In closing (hey, don't follow the links and I haven't made you waste much time! ...  You're welcome!), let me leave you with this thought.  Think about what it means to be human, the awe of it all; and what it means to be alive, now; and how the world could be a better place for your passing through it; and what you can do to ensure its survival, its health and its diversity.

Th- th- tha- th- tha- th- that's all, folks.