Application Menus


Most of my friends had never tapped the Menu icon until I showed them it was there and what it would allow them to do.  The Menu icon is located at the bottom-left of the writing area, right beneath the Home icon.  Most every application, built-in by Palm or third-party, makes use of this VERY important feature.

But for the built-in apps, here is some of what tapping the Menu icon uncovers:

While your screen is displaying the apps, the Menu icon, followed by App opens on to:

Menu, followed by Options, then Preferences, allows you to choose how to view the apps, as large Icons or as a List of small icons and names.

The four Main apps display Record, Edit and Options sub-menus under the Menu itself.  I suggest you go exploring, what you can do there will stay with you better that way.

However, some of what is hiding under the applications' Menu icon is:

Undo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Font choices, Preferences settings, Display Options, and Phone Lookup.  I won't waste my time here telling you how to do these things, as a) you can probably figure them out yourself and b) the Manual does as good a job as I could.  I merely wanted to draw your attention to capabilities you may not have known you had.

Like your PC's Word Processing program, frequently used editing commands are available via "shortcuts".  See the next section, Menu Shortcuts.