If you have never "Beamed" anything, you don't know what you're missing.  To "beam" something is to send data from your Palm device to someone else's Palm device via your IR (InfraRed) port.  For the most part, you need to get another Palm user's cooperation to Beam him something, then aim the IR ports (the red plastic piece at the top of your handheld) at each other.   You can:

But these features are not often used.  Indeed, I have never used any of them.  On the other hand, you may very well have occasion to Beam an event from the Date Book.  For example, you're throwing a party, and the person you're talking to about the party is a Palm user.  Beam him the party info (date, time, place and anything else you will have put there).  Select the event, write "/B" (for Beam) in the writing area.  Done.

However, Beaming gets real cool when you Beam an entire app to someone else (tap the Home icon to display the apps on your device, write "/B" in the writing area, select the app you want to Beam, then tap the Beam button).

But Beaming is most cool when you Beam someone your Business Card!  If you see a cute girl or guy using a Palm device, and you want to make a real splash, just Beam them your Business Card without asking permission (this author takes NO responsibility for ensuing reactions).  Obviously, you will have to have a) set up an Address Book entry for this purpose, and b) you will have to mark it as the Business Card (select your address entry, tap the Menu icon, tap Record, then tap Select Business Card..., then tap Yes).  To Beam someone your Address Book entry, whether or not you have customized it for the occasion, just aim your device and hold down the Address Book button (the telephone icon).  And watch the reaction on the other side.