OK, so you've been using your Organizer for a few months now, maybe a year.  And you've notice that it sometimes takes two, maybe three, taps on the screen to tell your Palm what you want it to do.  The solution to this problem, which you may not have mentally registered as a "problem," more like a nuisance, is to re-calibrate your device.

"But I did that the first thing, when I opened my Palm Pilot for the first time, it made me do that."  True.  But at that time, you didn't have months of experience with the stylus.  Now your tap accuracy is firm, then it was only tentative first steps.

I have noticed among my friends who use a Palm device that they all seem to need to re-calibrate.

There are 2 ways to get to the calibration function.  The first way is the Welcome application.  The Welcome app takes you right there, and it won't let you go until you finish.  The second way is through the Prefs application.  The top right of the Prefs app displays a drop-down menu, beginning with Buttons.  Choose Digitizer.

Needless to say, take your time, be careful and deliberate.  A good thing to do is to put your device on a flat surface and hover directly over it.  Hold your stylus less than 45 degrees from the horizontal (slanted, nearly parallel to the table top).  This will give you better control over where your stylus tip touches the screen.

You will not typically tap this way, but getting it right the first time makes the device do its job right.  Now it'll be your job to tap accurately.  And you will discover, after you calibrate properly, that the Palm is forgiving of tiny tap errors.