Graffiti Stickers


You know those adhesive-backed Graffiti stickers that came with your Palm Pilot?  You kept them, right?  They're conveniently stuck to your handheld, right?

If you threw them away, call or e-mail to get replacements.  They're in the Parts Dept.  Even if the alphabet and numerals are instinctive to you, the stickers are still useful for infrequently used punctuation, accents and foreign characters.

Ideally, you stuck them to a) the back of your device or b) the back of the device's case.  You put them, that is, where they are useful -- easy to get at when you need them -- and hard to fray.  

And you were careful not to cover any holes on the back of the device, like the Reset hole.  Do NOT cover the Reset hole.  "Reset hole," you say, "what's that?"  When your device decides to fail, that Reset hole is how you bring your device back to life instead of its dying.  If you can't see a tiny hole at the back of your device, you need to remove the sticker that is covering it.  Uncover the Reset hole on the back of your device.  When your device seems to have had a heart attack, that Reset hole and a paper clip will save you from losing a few years of your own life.