Date Book


The Date Book app has some features that you should know about, if you don't already: Alarm, Repeat and Private.  They are all found within Details, the middle button beneath the day's events (when you are looking at a single day's display).

The Alarm function turns your handheld into an alarm clock (its alarm, while not very loud, will sound even if the Palm device is not powered ON).  But it is infinitely more useful than an alarm clock.  First, you can set an unlimited number of events to ring and, second, you can tell it how far in advance you want to be reminded, in minutes (e.g., for meetings), hours (e.g., for a date) or days (e.g., for a birthday).

The Repeat function lets you enter repeating events without entering them every time they occur.  For example, your Economics class takes place every week on Tuesday morning at 10:30AM, thru May 5th.  Or your political Club meets every month, on the third Thursday of the month.  Or your wife's birthday falls on December 12th, you ought to remember it!  And don't forget your Anniversary too, doofus!  And give THIS one an Alarm of at least a week ahead of time, better a month or two.  Doing something that you had to think about and plan for, like a visit to that very trendy restaurant or a week in Europe, will go far in proving how lovable you are!  Take my advice, this one is worth your life.  And if you, dear reader, are the wife or the girl-friend, don't minimize the gift because your guy had hi-tech help remembering it; most guys who take this minimal advice will set their Alarm and then promptly forget it.  Guys: after the Alarm goes off, re-set it so that it rings every day, and don't put off doing what you're going to do.

The Private function lets you mark the current entry as Private, so that it is invisible when you set Security ON (which see).