Downloading third-party Apps


If you have an old Palm Pilot (a Palm Personal or Professional), one with 1 MB or less of memory, this section may not apply to you.  Check to see how much memory you have and if you have any "free memory" (tap the Home icon at the top-left of the writing area, then tap the Menu icon at the bottom-left of the writing area, get the App menu to display, tap Info..., and the top of the screen will display your Free Memory).  If you have more than 500K of Free Memory, you can profit from this section.

The best web sites for free and shareware Palm OS software are: Palmgear, ZDNet, CNet, Tucows, PalmSpot.  There are others, I'm sure.  Let me know.

What's so great about software for my Palm is it doesn't add extra weight.  No extra gadgets to carry, no firmware cartridges to pack and carry!

Here is a list of the third-party software I carry around with me, listed under category names I chose:

Games (Bubblet, DopeWars, Galax, HardBall, HerdinCatz, MineHunt, NoMess, PocketChess, Puzzle, SubHunt, Tetris)
IR Apps (Remote [universal infrared remote])
Office (DateMate [for b'days & anniversaries], FireViewer [graphics viewer], HanDBase [relational data base manager], ParensLite [scientific calculator], QED [reader], Shadow [outliner])
OnLine (AvantGo [the original hot sync channel manager], VindiGo [hot syncs NYC restaurants, movies, etc.], MobilPocket [hot syncs magazines])
Reference (Planetarium, PTE [periodic table of chemical elements])
Silly (FanMate [for hot sticky days!], Mirror [for bad hair days!], Murphy [!], PalmaSutra [!], Yoda [!])
Travel (CityZen [world map stuff], Metro [Paris underground], TravelPal [cities, time zones, currencies and notes], X-Man [street locator for a Manhattan address], Zagat [restaurant surveys for 23 cities])


Other application types that are not part of my list include: Word Processors (MS Word compatible), spreadsheets (MS Excel compatible), OS Shells (makes the Home function more Windows-like), and improvements on the Palm apps themselves. 

There are perhaps dozens of sites that will link you to thousands of Palm OS programs.  Be assured, some of them will make your use of your handheld more of a pleasure.

"OK," you say, "very nice, but I really don't need that extra shit."  Yeah, true, but as I said a few pages ago, you didn't need that Organizer either.  But, since you walked the first mile, let me urge you to go the extra mile.  You'll thank me (well, if you're an ungrateful-American, perhaps you won't; but you will be glad you did).

Now do this!

If you live in a big city (19 U.S. cities plus London as of March 23, 2001 ), go to the Vindigo site, and, if your city is on their list, get it!

Go to the AvantGo site, sign up and choose your channels.  Some of my "channels" are: CNET News, MapQuest, New York Times, Stock Tracker, The Weather Channel, USA Today, Wired News, and Yahoo!.


Go to the Palmgear site and look around for a little while.  Just go shopping for ten minutes.