I'm calling for a contribution here, as I've never used the Expenses app.  I have no Expenses as I have no paying work.  Which is why I have the liberty (the free time and the lack of dough) to create this Tips site.  

Was that contribution word deliberately ambiguous?  Absolutely!

First, I'm seriously calling for a contribution to this Expenses app section.  I will publish the best (my determination) short write-up and give full attribution to the author.  This contribution needs to help a user who stumbles into the Expenses app without the Manual to guide him, and it needs to be helpful, simple, brief and not obvious.

Secondly, my hat is off,  my juggling act is not finished, but this is the asking-for-a-contribution intermission.  And I hope that some of you will pull from your wallet some tiny portion of what it has been worth to you.

Is a small contribution too much to ask?  For saving you time, money and psychic well-being.  Am I begging?  It sure feels like it.  But I'd rather do more of this kind of work, working for an indefinably large (and appreciative) clientele, than work for one high-paying shit-head.  I am, after all, one of you guys.  Dilbert on his own.  But my expertise is putting simple ideas simply and quickly.

From a student, $5.00.  From a working stiff, $5.00.  From a Consultant, c'mon, $25.00, you know how much time and money I really saved you!  From a VC, I don't want you to fund me; just send your appreciation in the form of a check that won't bounce.  I'm still gonna vote Green next time.

See Contributions.