Graffiti & Giraffe


Graffiti is the Palm Pilot's built-in handwriting-recognition capability.  It is easy to learn and it does a wonderful job of recognizing your handwriting, as long as you write in the Graffiti script.

For beginning users -- especially for the older, more mature set -- Graffiti may seem like a burden to learn.  You may decide to use the on-screen typewriter instead.  This is a mistake.  Learn Graffiti, it is really easy!  To help you learn, Palm Corp. has provided two apps for the purpose.  The first app is called, coincidentally enough, Graffiti.  Bring it up now.  This app is a wonderful and quick introduction to the ease of learning Graffiti.  Try it!  You'll see very quickly how second-nature Graffiti is even if you are new to it.  It should take you 2-3 minutes.  To practice Graffiti, Palm has provided an easy and addictive game called Giraffe.  It's like a slow version of Space Invaders, where letters and numerals get dropped from the sky like bombs from alien space-ships, and you have to draw the letter or numeral properly in Graffiti to kill the bomb.  It's fun!  It's a Typing Tutor program for the Palm Pilot.  Enjoy!

For more advanced Graffiti users, there is always the challenge of punctuation.  What has worked for me is doing nothing to learn them.  I have attached the Graffiti punctuation sticker to the back of my Palm Vx's cover.  When I need to enter some punctuation, I cheat: I look at the Graffiti sticker.  After a while, one piece of punctuation after another gets added, painlessly, to my repertoire.  I find the most use for a period, a comma, an apostrophe, a colon, a semi-colon, an asterisk, the pound symbol, the quotes mark.