Congratulations!!!  As a Palm Pilot user, you are someone who has discovered a way to better organize your life: no more paper Address Book, no more paper Date Books, no more paper To Do Lists, no more paper memos.  No more FiloFax.  So what's wrong with paper?  Paper has supported Civilization for thousands of years.  Indeed, writing -- on parchment, papyrus and on paper -- nearly defines Civilization from historical times (when written records were kept) to today.  So what's wrong with paper?

I think I could go on forever, but you get the idea.  Paper's reign is coming to an end (certainly for Personal Organizers).  And good riddance too.  Long live the trees!

So along come these Electronic Organizers.  The Palm Pilot wasn't the first.  The first Electronic Organizers came out of the world of Calculators.  Casio made the Boss and ???.  Then Apple Computer Corp. brought out the Newton, the first commercial handheld Electronic Organizer which attempted to recognize your handwriting.  It never became popular, mostly because its handwriting recognition wasn't very good.  The Palm Pilot arrived on the scene in 199x.  It was a spectacular success from the beginning.  The reasons for its immediate and continuing success were:

Most Palm Pilot users learn Graffiti, the Palm's template for how letters should be drawn, fairly readily.  Some don't. Some users who don't learn Graffiti give up and go back to paper.  Most folks who learn Graffiti never go back to paper.  The Basics of Graffiti can be absorbed in a few minutes, even if you're not perfect from the start.  ????????  do I need this paragraph?)

And most Palm users use their Organizer in a way that benefits their lives.  But they don't use it to its fullest, and thereby miss some truly important and time saving and life-organizing features.  In many cases, these features are written about in the User's Manual.  But most users learn to use the device without the aid of the book.  Even if they do read it, there are important features that they will miss as there are so many to learn about.

So this Tips page is for veteran Palm users (those who have logged at least one month or two of everyday use) (maybe a few years, too).

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