Hot Syncing


(If you Hot Sync every day, skip this Tip)

The Palm Pilot comes with a Hot Sync cradle, a device that attaches your Palm Pilot to your PC by cable.  Its primary purpose is to allow you, without effort, to back up your Palm data onto your PC, something you should do very regularly.  Its secondary purpose is to allow you to enter data into your PC instead of your Palm (it's easier and faster and more accurate to do this, if you can type at all), and then send your PC data to your Palm device.  It also allows you, from the beginning, to get a quick start by sending all your Microsoft Outlook personal information to your Palm device.  In any event, the Hot Sync function "synchronizes" your PC data with your handheld's data (by sending new stuff, regardless where you entered it, to the other device, and by accepting most recent changes).

But the real reason (if daily backup at the press of a button is not a good enough reason) for regular, daily Hot Syncing is, it opens you up to the wonderful world of Third Party Apps.