To Do List


In order for the To Do List to be useful, you will actually have to perform the tasks you set for yourself (sorry! but don't blame me, it's not my fault) and delete them from your Organizer when they are done.  And check Save archive copy on PC

Another useful tip is to keep each task no more than two lines long (if what you want to say about the task IS longer than 2 lines, consider seriously putting its details in the task's Note).  This way you get a good overview on your life's chores.

Explanation: I find abbreviations useful when they are more clear than the unabbreviated expression.  For example, IBM is much more clear visually than International Business Machines Corp, don't you agree.  But if you find yourself abbreviating to keep it short and making your entry less clear thereby, write the task's description as the To Do List entry and put its details in the task's Note.