Who Needs This Site


What a pretentious chapter heading THIS is!  Who NEEDS This Site, indeed!

No one needs an Electronic Organizer in their lives.  People led perfectly happy lives in the Middle Ages.  Well, if they were of the nobility, they may have led happy lives.  Or if they were serfs who accepted their plight in life.  Or kings who had just bedded another young thing.  So no one needs this thing at all.  No one needs a PC, no one needs the Internet, certainly no one needs a pocket computer, all we really need is love.  Not!

Nearly four years ago, roughly May 1997, my daughter graduated from college.  USC.  She wants me to tell you she's a USC alumna.  For her graduation, I bought her some jewelry, a jewelry box, a Coach leather thing (she loves Coach things), and several "you're finished with college and now you're entering the job market gifts": a Mont Blanc pen, a ???, and a Palm Pilot.  The Organizer was really a joke; she had majored in Info Systems and it was an appropriate kinda gift, but I suspected it would gather dust.  It didn't; she took to it immediately and actually used it in real-life situations.  So, following her success with it, I bought myself one.  I learned it right away.  Then I put it down.  I picked it up again a year later.  Had to replace the battery, and I began using it again.  For a few days.  Put it down again.  Picked it up again a third time a year and a few months later.  Had to replace the batteries again.  Discovered Planetarium, a piece of 3rd party software for the Palm Pilot, I even paid to register the software, and this time I took to the device.  I fell in love this time.  So I bought the Palm Vx, the light, thin top-of-the-line Palm Pilot.  I haven't looked back since.

Having said that no one needs a handheld computer, some people find these marvelous miracles of technology rather useful.  Like me.  Like you.  If you're not already a user of a Palm OS device, then this site is a waste of your time.  Go away, surf some travel sites instead!

But if you're a user already, you need this site!