What Else Can I Say?


It's year's end, 2004.  What do I want in a woman NOW?  How can I put my foot in my mouth NOW?

Smarts are non-negotiable.  While the idea of having a gorgeous bimbo on my arm may arouse me short-term, it is highly likely that over time, we will have to actually communicate -- share talk, thoughts and ideas.  I need someone who is up to IDEAS!  She need not be formally educated, though it is highly likely she will be.  It's also likely that she will be a reader of books, not the local tabloids.  And she will probably give a damn about issues.

Beauty is non-negotiable.  But what is beauty.  If you're someone who likes to say "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder," you're not likely to be beautiful in this beholder's eyes.  But beauty is not all that rare!  50% or more (maybe 90%) of teens thru 20's are beauties.  Even thru their late 30's thru mid-40's, most women manage to keep their looks.  Some don't, by choice or laziness.  I want a woman who'd want to look good for her mirror and her insect companions on a desert island.

Sexiness is non-negotiable.  Sexiness means many things to me.  One, she appreciates being a woman.  Two, she loves physical connections with her man: touching, caressing, you know what I mean.  I contend that many women never get to love sex because they get emotionally injured along the way and never recover.  Loving sex (touching, physical contact) is very important to me.  It may not be in 30 years, but it is today.

Some partially negotiable items: she need not cook, and if she does, I hope she is "into" a healthful diet, because I could use some support keeping to a healthful diet.  Her favorite hobby cannot be shopping, unless it's for sexy things.  She will want to see Africa, a non-touristy Greek island, the Mediterranean, Costa Rica and the Amazon, and she should even be willing to countenance life away from the big city, as long as she's with me!