Who I'd Like To Do It With


OK now, so who am I looking for?  What kind of woman would I want to spend my life with?

My most obvious and powerful trait is my mind, so a woman had best be pretty smart and knowledgeable, but mostly she had better appreciate and not be intimidated by smarts and learning.  She had probably best be Left-leaning politically.  She had also best not be a religious fundamentalist.

Another deeply-ingrained trait is how shy I was growing up, what opportunities I failed to act on, so I have a need to connect with a beautiful and desirable woman, part of convincing myself that I'm worth something.  Truthfully, I don't need a beautiful woman for that, but the habit got formed years ago and I don't see a reason to abandon it, I want a woman with a face to bathe in.  And a body, and spirit, that I want to undress and ravish.

She should be spiritual: that is, her deities ought NOT to be Jehovah or Mammon.  Ideally, she'll worship life, love, the planet, animals that need  protection, trees, clouds, the sun and the Night Sky.

If she is health-conscious, that'll be a big plus as I'm a jerk in this area and would benefit from someone who knew her stuff.  If she's a gym-rat and is looking for another gym rat, that won't happen.  If she works out moderately, that'd be good.  Good habits are appealing to me when they're in my life and not threatening.  If she were nutritionally aware, that would be ideal, as I would eat better than I do now.  Lacking a mate, I eat junk food.

Height is not important as long as she's in the norm of feminine height: 5'0" may be too short, 5'8" may be too tall, but I'm not bound to this.

Weight is important, I like a girl I can throw around (just kidding!  well, not entirely!).  For whatever height she is, I have real preference for small-to-medium bone structure and little fat.  Past, post-marital girl-friends have been 5'0" (100 lbs.) thru 5'6" (125 lbs.).  And her shape, tone and complexion are important too.  Am I shallow?  To the core.

She should be a reader, of books, interested in the human condition.  And in beautiful writing.

She should be a traveler, because I want to travel.  In the best of all possible worlds, my version of travel is to pick up and leave and land and take up residence, somewhere, like in a Parisian suburbs.  And stay until we felt like moving.  Not to "learn" the culture, but to be and live the culture.  One of my boyhood dreams was that I would become a citoyen du monde.  I have NOT made that come true, I need a mate.

She should like music, including Classical Music.


She should be